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Flow is born a few years ago, back when I was in high school, under the name of
'Azaria', which is the name of the land where the action first takes place. Later, it took the
name 'hook', but since Nihm fished the girl with a NET, I decided to change it again. Long story.

Azaria is a little land formed of many islands, with a very small population.
(Nihm and Syris' island has a population of about 35 people.) Since hundreds years
ago, it is under Tacyr's power, and the inhabitants are stuck inside of the frontiers, which
are watched closely by the army. They are forced to work in the mountains in Tacyr or
to fish and all sell their catches to the enemy land in exchange of peace.

The whole world is in war, thorn between the two major kingdoms, Tacyr and Marak,
who fight for the control of the sea, gold and supremacy. No one knows how if started.
Except me, but I won't get in the details for now.

People have weird beliefs; a lot of people think of the sea as a person with a mind and a soul.
You have to be nice with the sea and everything will be fine. It has the same importance
to them as God for real-life people. Of course, no one can control God... but there is
this amulet. Once again, some think it really has powers, but for the majority, it's only
a superstition.

*More to be added in time*

I won't go in the details and tell you my life.
My name is Caro, for Caroline, and I'm a 20 year old big kid with a passion for drawing,
animation movies, chinese food and writing. Oh, yeah... and I'm a comment-a-holic.

I live here (points East Canada) and I use this (points dictionary) regularly, since my poor English.

For now, I have finished a graphic design program in college and I work at a
publisher. Drawing comics is my hobby, but if one day I can get to the professional
level, I'd like to make it my career and share my stories with the world.



Nihm's the main character of the story, but other than that, he's just a regular guy
stuck on a boring island. He's not exactly smart, he's not handsome, and according
to the villagers he has no future, but he compensates with a friendly personality
and sword-fighting abilities he inherited of his long gone father.
Looking like the enemy, he often gets teased; people think the sea hates him because
people from Tacyr try to control it. He doesn't believe in these stories... or at least
he tries not to believe it and simply consider himself unlucky.


Syris likes to think he's responsible, smart and... the total opposite of Nihm... but to
the eyes of the whole village, including his parents, he's a whining kid with a big
ego and no social life. He likes fishing, sailing, and living a normal life, even if a 'normal
life' is boring.

THE GIRL, age unknown

Not much is known about the slave-girl yet, except that she ended up in Nihm's net
after something 'strangely' happened to a Tacyrian ship. She has a name, but since she
can't understand simple English questions, she goes by 'the girl', 'sea-lady' or 'dead-body'.

*More will be added in time*